Michinoku Midori Gakuen


Michinoku Midori Gakuen (Foster Home)

Michinoku Midori Gakuen (Foster Home)
The Michinoku Midori Gakuen is a foster home equipped with medical care assistance, which is a very unique feature in Japan. With this special feature, we aim to improve child welfare by providing care and protection for children with special healthcare needs as well as abused children, and supporting them to become independent in society.
Key Principles
1)Ensure the protection of the rights of children and their best interests
2)Build and maintain safe and trustful facilities
3)Encourage and support each staff to develop professional expertise and skills
4)Open the facilities to society and take responsibility for communal childcare activities
5)Remodel the facilities with small-scale units and provide family-like care for children
Chief Director
Child care worker: 13
Nursery teacher: 8
Nurse: 1
Psychotherapist: 1
Nutritionist: 1
Cook: 6
Officer / Boiler engineer: 1
* The number includes the staff of 2 regional small-scale foster homes and 1 small-scale group care home.
FY-2015 Foster Care Program
① We support children’s daily life based on the following Life Support Plans:
1) Care workers provide individual support to those children whom they are in
  charge of based on the self-reliance support plan formulated under chief staff’s
    guidance and in line with the facility’s key principles
2) Carry out life support programs (health care, environment, and leisure education)
    in a systematic manner to improve children’s living skills
3) Carry out care programs formulated by two regional small-scale foster homes
   (Ishikawa Home and Moriai Home) and one small-scale group home (Karin No Ie)
4) Support events conducted by the community children groups and the Department
    of Meal Provision
②Abuse Network Team (ANT) Program
1) Support abused children by sharing contents of their self-reliance support plans
    and examining the results of the assessment among the staff on a regular basis
2) Facilitate daily cooperation and monitoring among care workers assigned to
    each abused child to provide them with proper self-reliance support and
    psychological treatment
3) Provide care program specialized for abused children by the professionals
4) Improve care program, especially relationship-building between abused children
    and care workers based on the Common Sense Parenting (CSP) framework,
    by conducting practical training for care workers and psychiatrists.
5) Explore the possibility of integrating the elements of life support for children living
    in small-scale units and medical support in close consultation with medical institutions
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