President's Greeting


A Massage from Our President

A Massage from Our President
For the Future of Sick and Disadvantaged Children
The Iwate Aiji-Kai (IAK) is the association to nurture children of Iwate Prefecture, and a social welfare corporation that operates four main facilities, i.e., the Michinoku Midori Gakuen (foster home), Kotorisawa Gakuen (short-term therapeutic institution for emotionally disturbed children), Morioka Children’s Hospital, and Tampopo Nursery Center for Children with Special Health Needs.
For the 60 years since its foundation, adhering to the core value of “Children are the foundation of tomorrow” and the mission of “Save sick and disadvantaged children,” we have provided care and education for children with tuberculosis, physically weak children with financial difficulties, abused children, and children with a serious illness, with pioneer, innovative and welcoming attitude. We are determined to make continuous efforts to provide the best care and education for children with a tripartite collaboration of our social welfare, medical care and education facilities.
Looking back, we owe it to kind support and great understanding of many people to overcome various difficulties that we had faced along our venture, and to establish today’s corporate structure.
Today, long-stay children at the Morioka Children’s Hospital can have general education at the adjacent Special Needs Education School, while children with serious illness who need 24-hour medical care are engaged with a bedside learning.
On the other hand, children affected by traumatic child abuse accommodated at the Michinoku Midori Gakuen as well as emotionally disturbed children at the Kotorisawa Gakuen have been fostering a rich sense of humanity little by little and have school education through round-the-clock support by the professionals such as care workers, psychiatrists and nurses.
The ultimate goal of the IAK is to render quality welfare services to people in communities. To achieve this goal, we operate the Tampopo Nursery Center for Children with Special Health Needs for two-income families.
Today, living environment of children at the Michinoku Midori Gakuen and Morioka Children’s Hospital is deteriorating as the facilities have become too decrepit and incommodious after 40 years of its construction, although the quality of care programs can be maintained through the staff’s professional experience and know-hows. Our urgent challenge at present is to secure funds for relocation and new construction of our facilities and hospital.
We hope that you explore our website to learn more about our services based on the basic principle of social welfare, and kindly ask you to donate to us to support sick and disadvantaged children. We welcome your warm support and candid opinions for our facilities and hospital uniquely specialized for children.
President of the Iwate Aiji-Kai
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