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Please Donate to Us

Please Donate to Us
Despite the efforts that the Iwate Aiji-Kai (IAK) and our staff have made for caring sick and disadvantaged children, living environment of children at the Michinoku Midori Gakuen and Morioka Children’s Hospital is deteriorating as the facilities have become too decrepit and incommodious after 40 years of its construction. Our urgent challenge at present is to secure funds for relocation and new construction of our facilities and hospital.
However, the cost for new construction is estimated to be 2 billion yen. As established by common people, we need your kind donations for renovation of each facility. We sincerely appreciate donations and support of all people, businesses, and philanthropic institutions, who endorse our core value of “Children are our future and valuable resource” and activities to “save sick and disadvantaged children.” 
  • 80% of children accommodated at the Michinoku Midori Gakuen are abused children, and they need family reconstruction and unconditional love. Unfortunately, our old facility does not allow for family-like care for those children, which requires small-scale units.
  • The Morioka Children’s Hospital has structural problems in its facility such as shortage of consulting rooms for outpatients, especially psychotherapy rooms for children with special mental care needs; inappropriate building structure for children with disabilities; 2nd-floor wards without elevators.

How to Donate

How to Donate
You can donate to us through bank transfer or cash remittance by mail. Please follow the instruction below:
  ・Download the Donations Application Form from here, and fill in required information
  ・Fax or mail the completed Application Form to the following address.
  You may also send the Form by email
  ・Send transfers to the bank accounts below or remit cash by registered mail
  to the following address
Contact information of the IAK Secretariat
Address: 11-14 Ueda Aza Matsuyashiki, Morioka, Iwate, 020-0102, Japan
TEL: +81-19-662-5696
FAX: +81-19-662-5695

Bank Account Information

Bank Account Information
・Please specify the amount of donations and
   the facilities that you would like to donate
   to in the Application Form
We issue a receipt for corporates after confirming the amount of donations. This receipt shall be needed when you declare the donation amount in your income tax return.


Credit settlement from here

Credit settlement from here
Please press the button below the donation towards the credit settlement hope.
※For Please fill in all questions below I do not have to enter.
(If the English version available)
※ amount of money will be 3000 yen in Japanese yen.
<<Social Welfare Corporation Iwate Aiji-Kai>> 11-14 Ueda Aza Matsuyashiki, Morioka 020-0125, Iwate. TEL:+81-19-662-5696 FAX:+81-19-662-5695