What We Do

Upholding the core value of “Children are the foundation of tomorrow” and the mission of “Save sick and disadvantaged children,” the IAK operates three main facilities, i.e., the Michinoku Midori Gakuen (foster home), Kotorisawa Gakuen (short-term therapeutic institution for emotionally disturbed children), and Morioka Children’s Hospital. It also operates the Tampopo Nursery Center for Children with Special Health Needs, as a social welfare service provider entrusted by Morioka City Government. 
With these four facilities and the Iwate Prefectural Morioka Seishou School for Special-Needs Education, which is located in the immediate vicinity, the IAK boasts a very unique tripartite collaboration system of social welfare, medical and education institutions, and provide the best care and education to sick and disadvantaged children in communities.

Community Support Programs

Community Support Programs
  1. Tampopo Nursery Center for Children with Special Health Needs: Childcare service for 300 sick children per year
  2. Home medical care for children: Medical doctors provide home medical care for four children with serious illness twice a month
  3. Respite care at hospital for children with Chronic Pediatric Diseases of Specified Categories
  4. Child-rearing and health consultation services for nursery centers and kindergartens nearby: 4 times a year
  5. In-hospital child health lessons for parents: 4 times a year 
  6. School adjustment class for children with school refusal
  7. Communal child-rearing support projects for neighboring municipalities (Short stay or twilight stay)
  8. Organization of the Matsuzono Judo Junior Sports Club
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